Research Service

The Royal Artillery Museum is starting a paid research service.  We have not been able to do much in-depth research for people before, and we hope that this new service will be of use to people researching family history, as well as those looking to find out more about artillery regiments and batteries, or other aspects of the history of the Royal Artillery and our collections. 

We will be able to search through our own archive and museum collections, as well as through some online resources if people wish. We may also be able to help with transcriptions and interpretations of documents such as service records and tracer cards.   The charges for the new service will be as follows:           

  • Initial response to enquiries, up to 30 mins – free       
  • Research - £15 per half hour, minimum charge of £30         
  • Maximum of four hours’ research per person       
  • Projects taking over four hours may sometimes be possible, by prior discussion
  • Response within four weeks (once the research has been agreed)
  • If relevant, up to six pages of copied documents (excluding photographs) may be included with each hour of research time  

We will not be able to carry out actual research outside the paid research service, but we can still give an initial response advising people of the material we hold, guiding them to resources elsewhere, giving basic information about the Royal Artillery and informing them what research we can carry out.  

There is also information on the family history section of the website giving details about the records we hold, and suggestions for family history research. If you would like to use our research service, please email clearly but briefly stating what you want to find or which records you require access to if you know.

The cost for the research service is for the time spent, and we cannot guarantee that we will find anything.  It is important that we know what you are looking for beforehand, so that we can advise if our Museum is the best place to try.  If we are not, we will do what we can to suggest other options.