Royal Artillery Museum

The Royal Regiment of Artillery, generally known as the Royal Artillery or the Gunners, provides firepower, surveillance and target acquisition for the British Army. Formed by order of a Royal Warrant in 1716, it has been involved in almost every battle and operation the Army has fought over the last 300 years.

To celebrate the Royal Artillery’s heritage and return its internationally-important historic collection to public display, the Regiment is creating a new museum on Salisbury Plain where Gunners have trained for over a century.

Through inspiring displays, live storytelling and hands-on activities the museum will bring to life the history of the Royal Artillery and the bravery, sacrifice and ingenuity of its men and women. It will explore the evolution of artillery technology from the earliest medieval cannon to the latest rockets and drones.

The museum will also tell the story of the Army’s remarkable relationship with Salisbury Plain over the past 130 years, explaining why it bought up land here in the first place, the training it undertakes here and the positive impact it has had on the area.

The museum’s permanent exhibits will be complemented by a programme of activities and a small number of larger events on the 90-acre site with its spectacular views over Salisbury Plain’s unique landscape, military training areas and live artillery ranges.

Subject to planning, the new Royal Artillery Museum is scheduled to open in spring 2022. 

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